Peter Cooper Motor Group celebrates Hattingley Valley’s 100th award milestone​

Hattingley Valley celebrated its 100th award win with one of its most important local customers this week.

The family-owned Hampshire winery secured gold for its 2015 Rosé at the International Wine Challenge and toasted its success with staff at Peter Cooper in Hedge End.

Darren Cooper, managing director of the Peter Cooper Motor Group, congratulated Hattingley Valley’s Rebecca Fisher and then promptly placed an order for over 250 bottles of its award-winning sparkling wine.

The Peter Cooper Motor Group is giving every member of staff a bottle of sparkling wine this Christmas instead of Champagne as part of its “Support Local” campaign.

The company decided to change a 20-year-old tradition across the South Coast Volkswagen and Prestige Car dealerships last year and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

Darren Cooper, managing director of the Peter Cooper Motor Group, said: “For us, the switch in tradition was about supporting local companies and the fact that Hattingley Valley is an award-winning English wine producer which competes incredibly well against French Champagnes.

“Local businesses need the support of their communities now more than ever and wherever we can, we try to engage with local suppliers across our company. It’s not always about saving costs, it’s about supporting local companies that provide a quality product with an exceptional level of service.”

Darren added: “We’ve had a tremendous reaction from the majority of the staff who thoroughly enjoyed last year’s sparkling wine. It wasn’t about cost saving as they are around the same price, but in my opinion, the sparkling wine is better than many of the champagnes you see on the market.

“We wanted to share this quality local wine with our teams and give them something nice to wash their Christmas lunch down with! Huge congratulations go to Hattingley Valley for their 100thaward, a true mark of excellence!”

The £6,000 order was once again gratefully received by Rebecca Fisher, marketing and events manager at Hattingley Valley Wines.

Rebecca said: “We are delighted to be once again collaborating with such an established business as the Peter Cooper Motor Group. We have a similar ethos in striving to achieve exceptional quality in both the products we produce and the services we offer. We are thrilled that Darren and his team will be drinking our sparkling wine again this Christmas.

“We are seeing a gradual trend in local companies supporting us instead of going elsewhere for their staff gifts which is encouraging.”

Gareth Maxwell, Commercial Director of Hattingley Valley said: “We couldn’t be happier to see the 2015 Rosé take home Gold at this year’s awards. It’s a testament to the hard work of our winemaking team, that as England continues to gain attention for its sparkling wines.

“Hattingley Valley is at the forefront, competing at an international level and putting our wines firmly on the global map.”

The award marks the 100thdistinction for Hattingley Valley which boasts an impressive array of over 80 medals, 13 trophies and three Best in Class.