Peter Cooper Motor Group staff toast new environmental initiative…with water!​

In an attempt to dramatically reduce its plastic consumption, the Peter Cooper Motor Group has issued its staff branded re-usable water bottles across the group’s eight businesses.

The £3,000 investment on over 250 branded water bottles instead of using plastic cups has been seen as a progressive step in the motor retail sector.

The motor dealership group, which operates four Volkswagen showrooms along the south coast and Prestige Cars in Hedge End, calculated staff and customers were using thousands of plastic cups a year. Although these were being recycled the cost to the environment was a factor that didn’t sit well with Darren Cooper, managing director of The Peter Cooper Group.

Darren said: “We were consuming far too much plastic as a company and things had to be reviewed. It’s part of a wider group environmental review with water, paper and printing all are being reduced as part of that strategy.

“Staff have embraced the new initiative,” Darren added. “Everyone is acutely aware of their carbon footprint these days and what they can do to play their part. In the same way, employers, like us, our making sizable adjustments to how we operate. Working with our staff can make a real difference.”