Introducing...the Peter Podcast

In 2021 we will begin our 40th year celebrations and as part of that we are proud to present to you The Peter Podcast, The People At Peter Cooper.

Over the course of the next 12 months and beyond there will be one episode a month that will be going out to the public to learn more about the people who work at Peter Cooper but also letting them know much more about the company that is right on their doorsteps. Hosted by Charlie Gould-Smith and Matt Clewes, we take a look into the roles of those around the group in every department that help keep the cars running and the machine ticking over both on and off the forecourt.

Episode 1 sees Learning & Development Coach Vicci Parker chatting about her time with the company:

I feel very fortunate to work with such a great team of people here at Peter Cooper they really are part of my extended family, though working in a predominantly male dominated environment can be a challenge at times… So, when I return home after a long day it’s nice to have some girl time with my daughter Lucy, and my four cats!

I have been working in Learning and Development for over 15 years now, (Peter Cooper for three) and to me there is no better job, supporting and coaching our management team and their people to be the best they can be, helping to create worthwhile satisfying employment which ultimately our Customers benefit from, if we have happy staff our customers will be looked after and happy too.

Part of my job involves embedding our PETER culture and business core values, by holding Managers accountable for their People reviews, Appraisals and Personal development Plans. Being the voice of difference to challenge Managers on their people skills and supporting and advising on all aspects of performance improvement, helping to deliver a consistent approach and fairness across the group. I like to think I generate a positive, relaxed environment where people can enjoy and remember their learning experiences and that I use my skills, experience, and energy to help identify the most effective route to produce results.

“People work for people, look after your people and the results will come naturally.”

LISTEN: Hear the very first Episode of Peter Podcast right here!