Servicing and Repair

Whatever Volkswagen you buy from Peter Cooper, we want to make sure you’ll enjoy driving it safely and economically for as long as you have it. Regular servicing is important – not just for your driving peace of mind, but also if your car is to retain the best possible resale value.

Peter Cooper offers a range of schemes designed to keep Volkswagen servicing and repairs affordable to all its customers.

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No carmaker boasts a more solid reputation for reliability or sophistication of design than Volkswagen. That’s probably one of the reasons you bought a Volkswagen from Peter Cooper Motor Group in the first place. However, the longer your car has been on the road, it’s only reasonable to expect that the chances of something going wrong will increase. (Yes, even though it’s a Volkswagen.)

That’s why you might want to consider extending your warranty.

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Parts and Accessories

Whenever they need replacing or updating, using an original, quality Volkswagen part will ensure your car remains safe, reliable, and in good condition. Peter Cooper has access to the largest pool of Volkswagen parts and accessories in the world.

Peter Cooper’s dedicated parts & accessories team can supply genuine Volkswagen parts and accessories plus much more.

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How to videos and warning lights

Maintaining your vehicle is important for safety. Here are is some information to help you maintain your vehicle throughout your time owning it.

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Warning lights

Chips and Dent Repairs

We operate a fully approved Paint and Body Centre, authorised to repair not only Volkswagen but Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles. In addition we are fully approved to repair the Volkswagen Commercial range of vehicles.

We are a respected resource across the South, providing you with unrivalled levels of customer care.

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