An engine that packs a punch

We compare the engine of the new Polo GTI to that of an athlete at its peak. Quick off the mark with an acceleration of 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds, and its low fuel consumption means it barely breaks into a sweat. With the Polo GTI, you pick a car that delivers on both excitement and efficiency.

Attack every bend

It’s time to own every twist and turn of the road with the electronic differential lock. Fitted as standard, it controls the brake pressure to prevent you from spinning out and skidding around corners. You can tackle bends head on with precision and fearless confidence… at least within the realms of physics. Now nothing stands in the way of you and that winding road. What are you waiting for?

Where power meets comfort

The interior looks the part too, with Titanium Black Jacara upholstery contrasted with red stripes nodding to the GTI signature heritage. The steering wheel, gear stick and floor mats are adorned with leather and red stitching, to create a sleek and sporty rally-ready feeling throughout.

Panoramic views at every angle

Passengers will love the panoramic sliding and tilting roof of the Polo GTI. Its impressively large pane of glass extends over the entire width of the roof, so you can enjoy the sunshine while your passengers watch the clouds go by. Thanks to its larger opening width you can also enjoy a refreshing breeze that circulates throughout the entire car.

Communication has never been easier

The optional Comfort phone interface makes communication while on the road more convenient than ever. With a hands-free system, USB data and charging port you can make calls and access your contacts wherever you are. Not only that, but if you forget your charging cable, the Polo GTI’s got you covered with a state-of-the-art inductive charging system.

Better than eyes in the back of your head

The Polo GTI’s got your back with the optional Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert. It warns you if anything’s approaching your blind spot and monitors the areas to the rear and side of your car as you reverse out of parking spaces.

A cockpit fit for a racing driver

Swap your conventional instrument cluster for an Active Info Display. The high-resolution screen provides you with a whole host of data, such as rev counter, speedometer and mileage recorder. Expect GTI statement features and a completely personalised screen; from driving data to song titles and navigation maps.