The evolution of an icon – The Golf

Original source: Volkswagen News YouTube channel

Check out these short videos taking us on a journey through the history of the Volkswagen Golf. If you would like to see the Golf in its current form then please book as test drive with your nearest dealership today.

This first video explores the Volkswagen Golf 1 (1974 – 1983) explaining how it shock the world with it’s contrasting design to the popular Beetle and how it ticked every box for modern day living at the time.

Part two of this series moves us on to the Golf II (1983-1992). Following its successful launch, the Golf had established itself in the market. The second generation released in the early 80’s built on that initial success introducing key changes to move the popularity of this icon forward. The Golf was fast becoming an expression for a way of life and youthfulness. The Golf has come a long way since the second generation model, if you’d like to see one today, then book a test drive with your nearest showroom.

This third instalment covers the Golf III (1991-1997). Moving into the 90’s there was a significant injection of both comfort and safety features including the first integrated bumpers. If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, why not visit your nearest showroom today?

This fourth instalment brings us ever closer to the current day looking at the Golf IV (1997-2003). Making massive advancements in quality the fourth generation Golf is still considered a ‘masterpiece’ by many. Using the most modern manufacturing techniques, the Golf was now stronger and more comfortable to drive. If you think the Golf was great back then, you should see it today!

Between 2003-2008, Angela Merkel becomes the first female chancellor and Germany is hosting the football world cup, oh, and the Golf V was launched! Through frequent evolution, the Golf continues to be a favourite by keeping up with the times.

Focussing heavily on advanced technology, the generation 6 Golf (2008 – 2012) continued to impress. With the rise of technology in popular culture and the increasing market presence of smart phones, the Golf VI continued to lead the way in automotive standards.

This final instalment brings us to the current Golf VII. Internationally recognised and a popular choice from new drivers all the way to families The Golf continues to set the standard when it comes to modern day motoring.

If you’d like to learn more about the current day Golf model then please learn more online or book a test drive with our team, we’re waiting to hear from you!