Winter Tyres reduce stopping distances when the temperature drops and road grip reduces.

Winter tyres are made of a softer compound, which means they’re still soft enough to provide the grip you need in temperatures below 7oC and wet road conditons. This means winter tyres will not only reduce your stopping distances but will help with cornering performance, enabling you to turn the car in circumstances where you might otherwise skid straight on.

We’ve put together a helpful stopping distance guide to demonstrate the difference between Summer and Winter tyres in all weather conditions.

Driving in rain …

stopping distances @60mph when the temperature is below 7 degrees

Driving in snow …

Stopping distances when travelling at 20mph

Driving in ice…

stopping distances when driving @20mph in icy conditions

It’s very important to make sure that you fit the right tyres, as the original tyres on your Volkswagen are determined by joint consultation and extensive testing between the car and tyre manufacturers. This includes many aspects of the vehicle characteristics including road noise, fuel consumption and vehicle handling.

Winter tyres start from £59.99 but costs will be dependant on the model of your Volkswagen.
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