Peter Cooper Modificationsin partnership with Team HARD. racing.

Peter Cooper Modifications (PCM) are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with Team HARD. marking an exciting development in the highly anticipated 2023 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) campaign.

The partnership will not only see PCM become the official sponsor of the racing team, but also involves a comprehensive technical collaboration between the two entities.

Team HARD. who are based in Kent, will offer the same full range of modifications and enhancements we currently offer at our PCM - ALL MAKES SERVICE CENTRE in Hedge End Southampton, plus the latest specialist developments used on their award winning BTCC race cars.

Darren Cooper, managing director commented:

“The newly created partnership represents a shared vision for excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, bringing motorsport closer to the everyday vehicle user. All Team Hard. race vehicles will display the PCM logo and we have unlimited access to the racing teams technical expertise including remapping, suspension upgrades, air intake solutions, aero dynamic changes through body kits splitters and spoilers, which will mean the enhancements available to our customer vehicles will be almost endless”

Road Car to Race car challenge

“Another element of the partnership is the Road Car to Race car challenge. We’ve supplied Team Hard. with a road legal SEAT Cupra, which they will heavily modify at their Kent location to create a road-going version of the BTCC 2023 championship Cupra. We will record each element of the changes made to the Cupra so that we are able to track both the visual and performance enhancing modifications, with the challenge being set, to get a road going Cupra to equal the race track time of a championship BTCC vehicle.”