Window Tinting

From just £299

Window tinting adds security, privacy and protection to your car, truck or van. A thin layer of premium quality, precision-engineered vinyl is applied to the inside of the windows, offering 100% UV Protection keeping your interior from fading and protecting your passengers, as well as a choice of darkness to suit your needs.

Key benefits of window tinting

- Completed in less than a couple of hours
- Maintenance-free once fitted
- 100% UV Protection
- Adds anti-shatter qualities to the glass in the event of a breakage
- Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% & 80% shade options
- Reduced glare and increased privacy for better security
- Skin protection - Recognised by the British Skin Foundation to reduce harm from the sun
- LIFETIME Guarantee

What the law says:
Rear windows (all behind driver's seat) - Any tint permitted, no restrictions
Front door/side windows - 75% maximum allowed. Failure to adhere to this will void your insurance and declare your vehicle unroadworthy with a possible fine and points on your license. This means that the only suitable film for front windows is practically clear, but does offer 100% UV protection.