What is Over the Air (OTA) Software and what is it designed to do?

Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates are intended to upgrade apps, services, and configurations over a mobile or cellular network. These software upgrades might be for a variety of reasons, including minor bug fixes, small problems, and software that has changed within the Shop and needs to be improved and fixed. These updates function similarly to how your phone works when it upgrades and your presented with new iOS features and bug fixes.
The update is free and will run in the background. If you leave the vehicle, the update will pause and continue the next time you start the vehicle.

What upgrades does the Over the Air (OTA) software include:

Data Plans, Legal information, Minor improvements, Registration, Apps and Services, Background System Services and Shop.

What is Shop and what updates are included?

Shop allows you to make online purchases for additional functions and features, as well as personalising your vehicle. You can buy anything that the Central System allows you to control. This means that starting in 2018, all hardware is installed in many of our vehicles, so you only have to pay for the accessories you want.

Shop updates include:

Introduction of PayPal as a payment method.
Branch point to FAQs and information about cancelling contracts under "Settings"/"Help and contact".
Clearer display of text and prices
Minor bug fixes and improvements
The new functions and improvements will only be available if you carry out the update

Setting your OTA to 'Online Mode' will enable for automatic updates. If you do not click this, updates will not be automatically applied.

For More Information

If you encounter any issues during the update process, please contact our customer support team: