Who are Cancer Research?

Formed over 20 years ago, in 2002, Cancer Research is a registered UK charity that is the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the world, funding around 50% of all publicly-funded cancer research here in the UK, and they are the largest independent funder of cancer research in Europe.

Today, Cancer Research invest nearly £400 million annually into cancer research through research funding, conferences, initiatives, resources, and a UK-wide network of research infrastructure across discovery, clinical, prevention and detection research, contributing to the UK's outstanding environment for cancer research.

Patient & Public Involvement with Cancer Research

Cancer Research statement of intent for patient and public involvement outlines how they will work with people affected by cancer to guide, influence and shape projects as they develop to increase understanding of cancer. They will also seek input from members of the public who may not have previous experience of cancer, particularly for the research Cancer Research are doing on cancer epidemiology, prevention, early detection and diagnosis.

Each year, they work with around 50 patient and public representatives across their funding committees and panels. These representatives bring invaluable insights and experience to the funding decisions Cancer Research make.

Peter Cooper Motor Groups Pledge

During Peter Cooper Motor Groups 40th year anniversary, we pledged £40,000. Of this pledge, £20,000 was donated to Cancer Research. Darren proudly presented the check to Cancer Research in 2021, and in 2023 we are still continuing to give our support to Cancer Research UK.

Peter Cooper Motor Group have chosen to support Cancer charities since June 2011. Cancer Research is a charity very close to Darren, our Managing Directors heart, due to his mother, Lyn, being terminally diagnosed with cancer and given the tragic news of a 5-6 month life expectancy.

They sought a second opinion and was introduced to some very specific and ground breaking treatments that firstly killed the brain tumour she had and then maintained and controlled other cancerous cells in the body.
The money we continue to raise will go towards the much needed research to continue with our quest of beating all major strands of cancer.

Staff got on their bike to raise money for Iron Fran’s £1m target for Cancer Research

Back in 2022, Peter Cooper Motor Group went the extra mile in support of ‘Iron Fran’ Benali’s ultra-triathlon across the UK.

Across the group, staff at the Southampton, Hedge End, Portsmouth and Chichester showrooms pledged money for rowing, riding and running on exercise machines in the showrooms, covering hundreds of miles during Friday 3rd May 2022.

We are hoping to raise well over £20,000 for IronFran and Cancer Research, which will also include the proceeds of a charity golf event at Goodwood in June.

“Staff overwhelmingly wanted to help raise money for Franny’s amazing campaign and we felt this was the best way to do it. Engaging as many people as possible to get a small taste of Fran’s commitment throughout this week gives us an idea of how incredible his efforts are,” said Darren Cooper, Managing Director of Peter Cooper Group.

“Fran is a good friend and we wanted to help him reach his target of £1m. Knowing how hard it’s been for him this week and what he’s been going through in the water and on the road has given us all inspiration to go the extra mile today. We wish him all the luck to finish in style.”

Play Your Part & Get Involved