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The problem is with so much innovation and technology, it can be quite confusing. We’re here to give you all the facts and help you understand exactly what electric vehicles can do for you.

To start with, according to the latest WLTP figures, up to 340 miles (550 km), and performance is improving all the time. It’s commonly thought that electric cars can’t travel that far, but it’s a misconception that is fast disappearing with the latest generation of electric vehicles. Like petrol and diesel cars, range is influenced by a variety of factors, including driving conditions, weather, load, tyres and aerodynamics.

Like a petrol or diesel car, your electric car will warn you when it’s running low. It will also switch automatically to energy-saving mode. The integrated Car Net navigation system In your electric Volkswagen will guide you to the nearest convenient charging station, or alternatively there’s a host of great charging apps available, including Zap-Map, PodPoint, Ecotricity and Chargemaster.

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I can help you learn about all aspects of EV ownership with a little help from our friends, AC & DC.

Look out for more facts and stats in my Electra Points, along the way.

EV Story: Manny

My wife and I only live 10 miles away from our offices, so whenever we're stuck on the M27 we were obviously conscious of the amount of air pollution that was being caused, by not only us but the rest of the cars around us too. Going Electric was a no brainer for us as the mileage covers what we need, but also with zero emissions.

At home with a 7kW wall box, you can charge your electric car from empty to full overnight. With a 50kW rapid charger, you can add up to 100 miles of range in around 35 minutes.