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Darren Cooper & Alex Lewis's First Meet...

In February 2023, Peter Cooper Motor Group and the Alex Lewis Trust Foundation came together to support Alex on his humanitarian mission to Ukraine. Setting off on Friday, February 15, 2023, Alex Lewis travelled from Southampton to Kyiv.
This latest project led him on a 6-day tour of the area, trying to establish exactly how he can help those who are struggling, listen and learn, and remind those in Ukraine that there is always hope.

He took a team of people from the UK with him who have been centric to his healthcare. They met many injured servicemen on their tour, and Alex played a vital role in trying to understand the patient pathway and help build a pathway so they could go back to their normal lives.

Now that Alex is back in the UK, he is in the process of building a programme with his partners in Ukraine, 'Ukraine on Palms' and the 'Ukraine Medical Mission', and with help from the Transglobe Trust and the 'We Help Ukraine' charities here in the UK. They all hope to develop a patient pathway from life after surgery all the way to moving back home.

Alex Lewis's Current Projects In 2024