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Location Shirley
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Closing Date 31/12/2021

Sales Manager - Volkswagen Shirley


  • Achieve and strive to exceed all targets and sales objectives through a well-developed and motivated sales team
  • Formulate policies and procedures to achieve maximum profitability from vehicles, finance, insurance and accessory sales
  • Maximise sales and profitability through satisfaction and retention of customers
  • Help retailer to achieve industry-leading standards of process efficiency and cost control
  • Ensure departmental compliance with company policies and industry guidelines
  • Measures

  • Sales vs. objectives
  • Profit on sales
  • VQM / retailer audit
  • Customer satisfaction: CEM, Retention, volume of customer's complaints. Advocates.
  • Staff recruitment, induction, retention
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Mystery Shop
  • New, Used and Demonstrator car stock management
  • Trade Car Profit and disposal
  • Team- Structure, motivation, analysis, performance and reviews
  • Planned advertising and promotions
  • EGM lead management
  • Commission structure and month end commission payments
  • Management of both administration and valeting staff

    Key Tasks

    Objective: Achieve and strive to exceed all targets and sales objectives through a well-developed and motivated sales team

    • Ensure the sales team have full knowledge and understanding of product, promotional and marketing activities, and communicate visions and goals to staff by planning and preparing thoroughly for the daily sales meeting
    • Ensure departments are adequately staffed in order to achieve departmental objectives
    • Conduct a detailed induction with all new sales personnel, and continue to monitor achievements and review individual’s performance through the company’s development review process
    • Take a pro-active interest in training and developing team members, developing skills to support improvements in job performance and to aid career advancement
    • Delegate responsibilities to appropriate personnel and monitor progress to ensure the task is completed as directed

    Objective: Work with the Brand Manager to formulate policies and procedures to achieve maximum profitability from vehicles, finance, insurance and accessory sales

    • Develop strategies, objectives and action plans to increase business and ensure maximum profitability and volume sales targets are achieved and exceeded
    • Identify clearly the area of marketing responsibility and ensure relevant knowledge of demographics, using information available from the manufacturer
    • Plan, oversee and monitor the completion and success of sales campaigns, advertising and promotional activities to maximise car and extras sales and also create and maintain a positive and professional image of the retailer
    • Analyse current procedures to identify opportunities for improvements
    • Build a strong rapport with financial institutions and other relevant businesses

    Objective: Maximise sales and profitability through satisfaction and retention of customers

    • Ensure appropriate letters are sent to all customers to establish long-term marketing objectives and that all communication to the customer is clearly comprehensible and fully explained
    • Receive customers promptly and courteously at all times in accordance with Volkswagen’s quality programme
    • Work to constantly improve the quality of customer service, in accordance with Volkswagen’s guidelines and the CEM/Image builder survey
    • Consult with customers to establish their needs and continue to maintain good relationships with customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations
    • Handle dissatisfied customers calmly, resolve complaints with sensitivity, and involve others when needed

    Objective: Help retailer to achieve industry-leading standards of process efficiency and cost control

    • Develop and maintain good working relationships with all dealership personnel, operating a ‘share best practice’ policy, as well as representatives and staff of manufacturer
    • Monitor sales performance against current goals and targets, ensuring new and used stock levels are sufficient to meet projected sales
    • Monitor and control departmental administration and procedures, to determine operating efficiency and expenditure within budget
    • Undertake all other duties and responsibilities as requested by the Brand Manager
    • Display all point of sale and advertising literature as directed by the manufacturer

    Objective: Ensure departmental compliance with company policies and industry guidelines

    • Ensure the correct handling of all cheque and cash transactions, compliant with company policy
    • Operate within the law at all times
    • Adhere strictly to trade plate regulations
    • Ensure all health and safety legislation and internal procedures are followed
    • Operate at all times within company policy

    Core Competencies

    Focus on customer experience
    • Understands and focuses on customer needs
    • Recognises and promotes the importance of quality
    • Able to identify the key characteristics of effective customer service
    • Understands, manages and delivers customer expectations
    • Communicates and demonstrates principles of customer care to team
    • Has a clear understanding of CEM data and the implications this has for the business
    • Understands the link between business performance (profit) and customer satisfaction
    • Is capable of taking the longer term view, if appropriate sacrificing short term profit for customer satisfaction
    • Role models excellent customer service
    Strategic development and planning
    • Understands wider business goals and how these impact on day to day operations
    • Uses a systematic approach to local planning, researching local market opportunities
    • Is clear on the direction of the business and translates these into specific tasks
    • Sets goals and targets that are aligned to the key result areas for the business
    • Plans resources accordingly, recruiting appropriately
    • Has the ability to see beyond the department and understand where it fits in the organisation
    Leading people
    • Has a sound grasp of the role of a leader
    • Can articulate a vision for the department
    • Is able to foster a positive team spirit with their direct reports
    • Demonstrates energy, enthusiasm and passion for the business
    • Able to remain calm and in control when under pressure
    • Is available and supportive when members of their team need them
    • Doesn’t allow operational pressure to prevent them from finding time to demonstrate effective leadership
    • Knows how to tap into the different core motivators for their people
    • Is decisive when faced with problems
    • Is flexible and adapts quickly to change and multiple demands
    • Good at prioritising
    • Is able to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of the situation and people
    • Manages own time well to meet competing priorities
    Managing people
    • Communicates business strategy to team
    • Translates strategic business goals into clear objectives~
    • Enables the team to deliver by providing the necessary facilities and resources
    • Sets clear performance standards with measurable targets
    • Effective at delegation, taking into account work loads and the level of support and direction needed
    • Delegates responsibility as well as tasks
    • Communicates expectations and the rationale behind them
    • Reviews and monitors progress against plans with individual team members, gives feedback
    • Gives credit and recognition for achievements of individuals and teams
    • Is a ‘team player’ and thinks beyond the confines of their own department
    • Is supportive of others, especially through change, enabling them to meet their objectives
    • Operates a true open door policy
    • Encourages input from the team, is open and receptive to suggestions from others
    Communication influence and impact
    • Actively seeks to inform and to be kept informed
    • Communicates in a clear, concise manner
    • Briefs others on issues and engages them in order to seek feedback
    • Demonstrates a range of effective questioning techniques and can use these to suit the needs of the discussion
    • Demonstrates active listening and checks assumptions
    • Influences and engages other departments to collectively deliver business performance
    • Influences upwards, representing the department to business decision makers
    • Manages expectations from a variety of different stakeholders: customer, Volkswagen and business leaders
    • Inspires confidence in others’ ability to deliver
    • Presents a professional and credible image at all times
    Market and territory focus
    • Understands the local market and the competitive pressures on their business
    • Is clear on the key factors that act as differentiators for Volkswagen
    • Is clear on the needs of customers who are dealing with their department
    • Ensures they deliver a high quality service that ensures they continue to differentiate
    Brand alignment
    • Demonstrates an understanding of the brand values and translates these into personal behaviours and actions
    • Personally lives and demonstrates the brand values
    • Ensures all team members understand and buy into the brand values
    • Works within the brand requirements
    • Is receptive to new initiatives proposed by the brand
    • Takes time to build the relationship with the brand’s representatives
    • Ensures that the retailer environment reflects the brand values
    Role specific – Sales Manager
    • Clearly understands the sales process from end to end, from first contact, through delivery and follow-up and ensures the team adheres to it in a way that delivers sales for the business and satisfaction for the customer
    • Ensures the sales process is effective in converting customer enquiries into sales
    • Ensures the appropriate focus on the detail
    • Actively manages the customer contact cycle, using appropriate systems and processes
    • Demonstrates the ability to empathise, put themselves in the customer’s shoes and tailor their own style and approach accordingly
    • Engages with the customer on their terms, builds relationships easily
    • Demonstrates entrepreneurial flair when dealing with challenges
    • Has a good enough knowledge of competitors’ offerings to be able to counter arguments or highlight the benefits of Volkswagen

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