Bodyshop's Bentley Bentayga in biggest ever repair

Manager Ivan Dodman chats you through how they did it...

Whilst Covid-19 was at its height and most of the country was still in lockdown, the Bodyshop took on its most expensive repair ever at our Paint and Body Centre in Bognor. Carrying out a repair on a badly damaged Bentley Bentayga.

Their first challenge was arranging for this very large vehicle to be recovered so the Bentley could be assessed for the extent of the damage sustained and more importantly the costs involved in the repair for the insurer.

The Bentayga bodyshell is made completely of aluminium including the chassis with cast alloy suspension turrets making the repair not only technically involved but also the safety element for checking for stress cracks highly important for future safety reasons.

Upon completion of the estimate after many hours of researching repair methods and time spent on the phone we presented the insurer with the estimated repair costs of just under £60k. WOW, we hear you say!

Now we just had to wait for the insurer to authorise the estimate. Negotiations started with the insurance engineer early one morning and lasted just under two hours before the authority was given to proceed with repairs. Now the hard work really started.

First stage was to order parts and hope all parts are available (fingers crossed). Parts started to arrive so the repair was able to begin starting with new nearside front suspension, radiators and inter coolers being fitted so the Bentayga was able to be driven again.

Next step painting of the new outer body panels, front bumper and trims ready for fitting and wrapping in a nice satin black wrap. Final steps calibration of radars,road test and clean ready for delivery. Repair completed and now waiting for the next one.

Great Bodyshop team effort from everyone involved all pulling together when we were up against it, along with the years of experience which saw us achieve the amazing end result and one very happy customer.

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