Make Your Own GTI Clubsport (PCR Style)

You may not be able to grab your own GTI Clubsport in the UK, however, with the help of Peter Cooper Modifications we can make it feel like you have.

Lovers of the famous Golf GTI will be wondering how they could make the variation of the Golf any better.

AutoEvolution have looked into what is different about the Clubsport, to make this variant, better than the variant itself.

So, how can PCM make my GTI a Clubsport? Well, let’s have a look and we can guarantee we can do anything you like to make your vehicle as bespoke as you like.

In the acceleration test taken on by YouTuber Automann-TV, he put the 300 PS (296 hp) of the updated 2.0-litre turbo to the test around the Autobahn network (one of the few public roads where you can hit the maximum speed.

More focussed on being a track car rather than all-out acceleration, the Clubsport is more agile and responds better with its increased power output. It can then compete with rivals such as the Honda Civic Type R and Renault Megane RS Trophy.

Real talk now as we look at the engine. With it being an EA888 model of the 2.0TSI, the turbo is larger than on a normal GTI and it has a bigger intercooler and ECU remap.

In the acceleration test, this GTI Clubsport can reach heights of 62mph in just 5.7 seconds, which is slower than the Golf R.

AutoEvolution explains that it is probably ‘not as emotional as its rivals’ but people in Europe do like buying Golfs in Europe and say it is ‘one of the best.’

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