Service Plans​

​Our range of Volkswagen Service and Maintenance Plans allow us to take really good care of your Volkswagen whilst keeping your aftercare cost remarkably affordable and predictable.

Peter Cooper Volkswagen has developed Service Plans for vehicles on Time & Distance servicing to help you budget for your servicing costs and avoid the pain when it comes to your service charges. In addition to this we are also offering service plans for a fixed £199 when using finance from Volkswagen, HP or PCP.

Most customers normally own their vehicles for 3 years. Peter Cooper service plans allow you the flexibility to pay for that 3 year’s servicing upfront, or by monthly direct debit.

This monthly figure is calculated using a number of factors:

  • Length of the agreement
  • Anticipated mileage during the course of the agreement
  • Volkswagen model chosen

This means the price is tailored to your specific usage, avoiding unnecessary costs. What’s more, the plan not only covers your servicing, but other routine bills such as cambelt replacements that fall due during the agreement.

What can Peter Cooper Volkswagen service plans include?

Service plans are in place to make your life easier. Below are six points as to why our customers choose to use one of our service plan.

  • All routine servicing for the period of the agreement will be covered
  • All the lubrication services including oil changes plus air, fuel and oil filter replacement at the required mileage
  • Inspection services and an extensive list of checks
  • Brake fluid service
  • Air conditioning service
  • Cam belt changes at the required mileage

Why choose to use a Peter Cooper Volkswagen service plan?

There are a host of benefits to you when using one of our service plans. Below are six benefits to you for using a service plan.

  • Helping you budget for servicing costs.
  • Prices fixed for three years – guaranteed no labour or parts price increases during the agreement.
  • Choose to pay up front or by Direct Debit for 0% interest payments.
  • Available on all new and used vehicles.
  • Regular services can help maximise the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Assists in keeping your vehicle in optimum condition & avoiding breakdowns.

You can join Peter Cooper service plans at any time irrelevant of your vehicle’s age, as long as your vehicle has been serviced in accordance with manufacturer time and mileage recommendations. The service plans can only be applied to vehicles set on Time and Distance service regimes and will start from your first paid service.

To find out more about Peter Cooper Service Plans including prices, please contact us today.